A downloadable game for Windows

This game is a bunch of 2D minigames made in 2 days for Pirate Skirmish Jam, by vincart, Cyberebral and Exkaiser.

You play as a little naughty pirate, who partakes in foolery to become the most wanted pirate in the cove. Your goal is to increase the bounty on your head as much as you can, by performing well in each of his mischievous crimes.

All of the minigames are controlled using just the arrow keys.

We hope to work on other minigames in the future to polish this funny little party game.




Pirate party jam version.rar 25 MB

Development log


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So thats what Pirates get up to in their spare time! Great game, I hope you make more mini games to add into it. I included it in a video I made, I hope you don't mind!

Thank you for playing and reviewing our game ! We had a lot of mini-games ideas and even some were prototyped, but we were lacking time, so we cut down to 3.

hey thanks for the reply. The 3 games were more than enough, hope you do well in the jam! Look forward to seeing more from you!