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The Fall is a simple strategy game made in ~6 days for Historically Accurate Game Jam.

You play as the emperor during the fall of the Roman Empire, and you have to rule over 4 aspects : Military, Economic, Religion and Social.
Each turn, you select a theme, and you have to make a choice. Make good decisions, and try to survive until 476 to be victorious.
If one of the 4 aspects reaches 0, you lose.

The game can be finished in more or less 5 minutes.

For this jam, I worked with my friend Vincart, we both worked on the game design and I was the developer. I wrote the code from scratch.
We missed an opportunity to work with a graphic designer, so we used (mostly) free resources. The licensed resources (CC, etc) are given full credit in the pdf file that you'll find in the archive.
We had in mind to add special historical events to be more "historically accurate" but it was too late in the jam to include them :( Maybe we'll add that in a future update.

Only the mouse is required to play.

Have fun !


The fall V0.2.rar 27 MB

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